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What To Do If You Have A Problem With Rodents In Your Home

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Rodents are common household pests. These pests usually come into a home to look for food and water, and you may notice them more in your home during the fall and winter months when food is scarce. If you have seen signs of rodents in your home during this time, you need to begin taking action to get rid of these pests. Anytime you see signs of rodents in your home you need to do something about them, as they aren't just going to leave on their own. Read on for what you can do if you have an issue with rodents in your home.

Remove Food Sources

You need to remove all sources of food in your home that rodents can get easy access to. If you have food that is in easy-to-open packages or they have easy access to food sources inside your home, you need to remove these food sources and place all food in air-tight packages. Other food sources such as food debris left in the sink, crumbs on your floor, or grease splatters on your stovetop all need to be cleaned up to prevent feeding these pests.

Set Out Poisonous Baits And Traps

Set poisonous baits around your home where you have seen any signs of these pests. If you have small children or pets, you do not want to set the poisonous baits anywhere that they can get easy access to the poisonous baits. Set out traps to help kill these pests and use baits that you freshen often to lure in these pests to help get rid of them. You can use poisonous baits in the traps, or you can use something else such as cheese or peanut butter.

Make Repairs To Your Home

You need to make repairs to your home to prevent any future pest problems with rodents. If you have had rodents coming into your home, they will continue to come in unless you make the necessary repairs to your home. You need to find where the pests are coming into your home to prevent any more pests from coming back to your home again.

If you have seen signs of rodents in your home, no matter the time of year, you need to begin the process of exterminating them right away before you end up with a major pest issue. Call a professional exterminator to help you get control of this pest problem. For more information on rodent control, contact a professional near you.