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3 Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Ants

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No one wants to have literal ants in their pants, so when you see an ant in your house, you want to get rid of them. You should call an exterminator who can work with you to eliminate the ants. You can also do a few things on your own to keep the ants from getting more of a foothold or from coming back.    

Clean the Trail

Ants leave pheromone trails behind them. The reason for these trails is partly so that they can find their way back to their nests. The other part of the reason is that the pheromones call the other ants to tell them there is food this way. The best way to keep the ants from getting to that food or telling their friends about it is to wipe out the trail. It can be as easy as squirting a little white vinegar on the area where you see the ants walking and then wiping it up. That will break up the trail and keep the ants from figuring out where to go. Don't just wipe up a little bit; make sure to wipe up a large area. 

Keep Track of Dishes

Dishes tend to grow legs and end up in people's bedrooms, the front room, or just about anywhere but the dining room or kitchen. Leaving plates or bowls with food on them is an easy way to attract ants. The crumbs left on the plates and around where people have been eating are perfect ant food. Make sure that all the dishes end up back in the kitchen and get washed. Also, make sure that any crumbs in any place where people are eating are also wiped up so that ants aren't tempted. 

Fix Leaks

Ants don't just need food; they also need water. If you have a leaky pipe, the water that comes from the pipe can be all the water that they need. The drip may not even be all that big, which can make it easy to miss. Even a small seeping leak running along the pipe can be more than enough for ants. So, check all the pipes that you can to make sure that there aren't any leaks, and fix any you see. 

If you find ants in your house, call an exterminator as soon as possible. They will be able to get rid of the ants and help you keep them from returning. For more information on ant control, contact a professional near you.