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Why Termite Control Companies Use Bait To Control Termites

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In the past, termite control specialists would rely on insecticidal sprays to treat homes for termites. But in recent years, bait has become a more common way to exterminate termites. A termite colony will try to consume any wooden structures in your home they can access. But wooden stakes can be infused with chemicals that are lethal to termites.

Why Termite Bait Stations are More Effective

Just like with ants, termites live in colonies that are very complex. Often, several termite colonies are connected by tunnels. Because of how large the colonies are, bait stations need to be placed all over your property to increase the odds that you will be able to eliminate several large populations of termites.

Not only will the bait stations affect the termites that encounter them when tunneling through the ground, but they also eliminate termites found deeper within the termite colonies because of how termites will share food with each other.

Termite Bait Attracts Termites

The termites are attracted to the bait because it contains cellulose, which is the structural component of wood. The bait contains a slow-acting insecticide that gives the termites enough time to return to their colonies so they can distribute the bait among other termites. Termites are also less likely to use bait stations if deceased termites have accumulated around the bait.

Where to Place Termite Bait

Because termites travel underground, the bait needs to be placed underground or the termites will not have access to it. Usually, baited stakes are implanted around the perimeter of a home to maximize the exposure that termites have to the insecticide.

It's possible to eliminate an entire colony using this method because more termites will return to the bait station after leaving behind a special scent. However, even if you do not fully eliminate the termite colony, you can substantially reduce the amount of damage that the termites will do to the structure of your home.

Contact a Residential Termite Control Company

While you can install termite bait stations on your own, it's better to hire a professional to install it for you. If you install the termite bait stations yourself, you might place them in the wrong location. Also, the pest control specialist must inspect the termite stations to make sure that they are being used. If they are not effective, a liquid termiticide might need to be applied throughout your property instead. 

Speak to a residential pest control service to learn more.