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Signs You Have Wild Animals Intruding in Your Yard

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If you think you have animals taking over your yard, animal removal might become necessary to make your yard habitable again. You don't want to have a full infestation in your yard or home before you call an animal removal specialist, especially when some pests can carry disease or cause physical harm to your loved ones or pets.

Here are signs you have wild animals intruding in your yard. Just because you cannot see them doesn't mean they're not there, and knowing the signs they are present will help you be rid of them more successfully when the time comes.

Strange Feces in Your Yard

Do you have pets? If so, it might be harder to notice strange feces in your yard than if you don't, but all the same, if you notice strange feces in your yard,  you might have an animal infestation in your yard. Some feces are easy to spot, such as the tell-tale pellets of a rabbit or deer. Other fecal matter might be harder to identify, like that of a raccoon (which looks long and tube-like in nature, similar to cat feces).

Strange feces in your yard, in addition to tipped-over garbage cans, holes in your yard, and other backyard disturbances can all be signs of an animal intrusion in your yard. An animal removal specialist will determine for sure what you have taking over your yard and can remove the offending critters as needed.

Strange Smells in Your Yard

Animals can leave their mark behind in more ways than one. One is via marking with anal glands or urine, which can be found long the siding of your home, on a fence, or even on trees or other areas of your property. If a creature is catching and eating food on your property — be it other animals or garbage — there may be an odor to accompany this as well. Your animal offenders won't be picking up after themselves either, which means in addition to sniffing out yucky yard odors you may also find urine stains or see animal carcasses or garbage litter scattered around your yard.

Your animal removal professional will use many tools to remove the intruders from your yard, including using traps and other means. Some animals work their way inside homes as well, so your pest control specialist may want to check out your home's interior to see if you have indoor pests as well and will perform indoor animal removal if needed.