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If You See Signs Of Pests, Call Pest Control To Come Help You

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You should be having pest control treating your home every few months. How often you should be having your home treated depends on many things. A couple of examples include the area you live in and who your neighbors are. You can learn more here about signs that you may have a pest problem and other times when you should call out pest control if you have chosen not to be set up with ongoing treatments. 

You are hearing noises

If your house is usually very quiet at night, then you can hear light noises easily. Some noises that can indicate you have pest issues can be a bit louder than most others. Mice are a great example of this. If your house is quiet, you may be able to hear them gnawing on things, rustling around, and you may even hear the squeaks of a hungry litter that will quickly be ready to produce their own litters. 

When the house is still enough, you may also be able to hear larger insects rustling around. Some people have good enough hearing to hear a clicking noise termites make by banging their heads against tunnels inside your walls. If you hear anything you think is being caused by pests, you should have pest control come out. 

You are seeing certain things

Some pests can hide very well, so well that they don't even leave evidence of their existence where you can see it. However, most pests will leave signs for you to find, as long as you are paying close attention to your home. Always be on the lookout for anything along the window sills, along the baseboards, inside cabinets, and in areas that are normally dark much of the time. 

You want to watch for things like tiny black or brownish specks, or something that looks similar to coffee grounds. Of course, mice droppings will be much larger than pest excrement, and it is shaped like grains of rice. Also, watch for bodies of pests because if there was one, then there are likely others, and they are likely alive. Look for thin dirt tunnels along walls or inside cabinets because this can be proof of termites. If you start seeing things that are on, then this can also indicate mice or even rats. Anytime you feel you may have found proof of pests, you should make the call to pest control.

For more information on pest control, contact a professional near you.