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A Hog Removal Professional Can Eliminate Feral Hogs on Your Land or Reduce Their Numbers

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Wild hogs are a nuisance animal that can cause a lot of damage to your property. There are so many wild hogs that they aren't a protected species, and hunting them is legal in many places. However, if you have a problem with wild hogs on your land, you probably want all of them removed, and the best way to do that is to call a wildlife removal professional. Here's why you want to remove wild hogs when you see them and how a professional might do the job.

Why Wild Hogs Are a Nuisance

Wild hogs destroy your land with their constant nose rooting. If you grow crops, a group of hogs can destroy the crops by digging up the soil or eating the crops. If the hogs get in your lawn, they can destroy the grass and your landscaping plants.

Wild hogs can also be dangerous. The adults grow quite large, and they can be aggressive toward pets and humans. The hogs also carry a variety of diseases, so you don't want them around your home or your pets.

How Wild Hogs Are Removed

You could hunt the hogs and eat them, but if you have a lot of hogs, that isn't a practical approach. Hunting hogs may not be the most effective at controlling large populations. A hog removal professional will probably use live traps instead so the hogs can be dealt with humanely as the population is reduced.

While laws usually allow you to hunt and shoot hogs, some laws regulate how you can trap them and transport them, so trapping is usually done by a professional. Trapping involves putting out large traps or corral traps to catch the hogs while they're out foraging. Hogs are active at different times of the day depending on the time of year. Wild hogs are also intelligent animals, so they are leery of traps, so it may take a while to eliminate the hogs.

Once the hogs are caught, they are removed from your property. It may take several trapping sessions to get rid of all the hogs if you have a lot of land and the hogs have been breeding for a long time. However, a hog trapper can remove a single hog if there is only one that's bothering your yard.

What Happens to the Trapped Hogs

Hog removal entails taking the hogs off of your property. So what happens next? Feral hogs can't be relocated because there are already too many of them in most places. Besides, they'll be problems wherever they're released. However, it might be possible to move some hogs to a nearby hunting preserve if the preserve accepts them.

The fate of the hogs depends on what's available in your area. In some places, processing facilities are available that use the hogs for meat. In some areas, the hogs may be field-dressed on the spot if they'll be used for food. There may even be state programs in place that process the trapped hogs for meat as an incentive to help with hog control.

To learn more about the process, contact hog removal companies.