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Strategies To Stop The Springtime Roach Invasion

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Spring is the season for flowers, rain storms, and green grass. Unfortunately, it is also the season for roaches. These insects start breeding like mad once the warmer weather arrives, and they also start looking for places to nest. You don't want your home to become that nesting place, so follow these tips to stop the springtime roach invasion.

Check your drainage.

Roaches love moisture, and spring is the season for moisture. You can't stop it from raining, but you can make sure the rain does not end up near your home where it attracts roaches. Make sure all of the drainage ditches on and around your property are clear. If there are some moist areas near your foundation, consider digging additional ditches to drain them. Also check your gutter downspouts, and make sure they are positioned so that the water drains away from your foundation. If you can keep the perimeter of your home dry, you'll have a lot fewer roaches.

Seal the tiny cracks and gaps.

Tiny cracks and gaps in foundations and attic walls, and near window or doors, often get ignored if they are too small for mice and rats to crawl through. But they're not too small for roaches to crawl through! On a chilly night, roaches will be attracted to the warmth of your home, and they can easily enter through a hole that's even smaller than a pencil eraser. Seal even the tiniest of gaps with a little caulk or wood putty. 

Run a dehumidifier.

Inside your home, run a dehumidifier to remove extra moisture from your air, especially in the basement or crawl space. Humidity levels tend to shoot up in the spring, and cockroaches love a humid home. If you don't have a whole-house humidifier, you can buy an affordable, portable one for $100 or less. 

Wash your trash cans.

Trash cans can attract roaches to your yard, and once the roaches are in your yard, they only have to travel a short distance to enter your house! Your trash cans are probably dirty after a long winter, and once the weather warms up, the smell of the trash residue is sure to attract bugs. So spend a warm day hosing out your trash cans, perhaps with a little bleach to kill bacteria.

With the tips above, you can help avoid the roach invasion each spring. Reach out to a cockroach control company if you actually see any creepy crawlies!