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Bee Sting Danger

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Most people try to avoid bees but do not think too much about them. After all, if a bee stings you, the spot may turn red and swell, but it is not a major issue. Bees can be dangerous for some people, however. If you are one of the people who are allergic to the venom in bee stings or you are exposed to a swarm, your life could be in danger. You need to know how to handle exposure to bees to stay healthy.


Unfortunately, you probably won't know you are allergic to bee stings until you experience a reaction. About three percent of Americans are seriously allergic to bee stings and can die if stung and not immediately treated. They can easily lapse into anaphylaxis and experience breathing difficulties, swelling of the lips and tongue, low blood pressure, and nausea, among other symptoms. If they carry epinephrine, a quick injection can quickly reverse these problems. Otherwise, the victim must be immediately taken to the hospital. Some people experience less serious reactions, such as prolonged tenderness and swelling at the site of the sting. 

Multiple Stings

If you are unfortunate enough to stir up the residents of a bee hive and receive multiple stings, you can experience serious health consequences or even death. Although most people would have to be stung hundreds of times to become truly ill, people with compromised heart function, such as the elderly, can succumb to fewer stings. If you are stung multiple times, you should be checked out by a healthcare professional as a precaution. 

Avoiding Stings

Getting a bee to sting you is actually more difficult than you might think. Bees only sting when they feel threatened. Of course, your natural reaction to a bee is to swat it away, which almost ensures that you'll be stung. Never panic around a bee. Do your best not to attract them by wearing neutral colors in bee territory and avoiding perfumes when you are going to be outdoors. Basically, do not mimic a flower if you want to be left alone. 

If you spot an active hive on your property, call your local pest control technician and have them take care of the problem. Unless you are a bee expert, disturbing a hive is asking for trouble. 

For most people, a bee sting is just a mild annoyance. Those who are stung multiple times and those who are allergic face actual health dangers. If you are stung, seek help if necessary. Otherwise, leave the bees alone, and they will most likely return the favor. To learn more, contact a bee removal company like ASAP Bee Removal