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The Best Ways To Keep Pests From Your Pool

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If pests, such as small mammals and rodents, seem to love your pool, you need to take proactive steps to protect your pool from pests this year. Here are three steps you can take to make sure that only you and your invited guests enjoy your pool this year. 

Put Up A Fence Around Your Pool

The best way to keep small mammals from trying to get a drink of water out of your pool is by putting up a fence around your pool. A fence will not keep all pests off, but it will help deter most pests.

When you install a fence to keep pests out of your pool area, make sure that you dig your fence at least a foot or more into the ground. This will prevent animals from digging under your fence and getting into your pool area.

You should also make sure that your fence is tough to climb. Don't use material that will provide the local animal populations with foot holes to climb your fence or with areas where they can squeeze into your pool area. Try to put up a solid, tall fence that will keep most small mammals out of your pool.

Provide A Distraction For The Birds

Mammals are not the only animals that love getting into your pool. Birds also love to hang out in pool areas too. If you have a problem with birds hanging out in your pool area, set up a different area for the birds. 

Set up a birdbath in your front yard, away from your pool area. Put some bird feeders up near the birdbath as well. Give the birds that love your pool somewhere else that is more attractive to hang out.

Keep Your Pool Clean & Water Bugs At Bay

Finally, to keep water bugs out of your pool, you need to keep your pool clean. If any algae develops, be sure to scrub it away. Keep your filters clean and change them on schedule. Use an algaecide product to stop bugs from laying eggs in your pool, and keep your pool properly chlorinated. 

If you don't have pets you can also sprinkle borax around the edge of your pool. Any bugs that crawl through the borax will be killed as they make their way to your pool.

Keep all kinds of pests out of your pool by implementing the three tips above. These three tips should help you keep rodents, birds and bugs out of your pool this year. You can also consult with a pest control specialist like Albemarle Termite & Pest Control for more tips and advice on how to keep your pool pest free this year.