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5 Household Items To Help Get Rid Of Ants

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Having ants in your home can be a real challenge. You may find this pest sneaking into your food, and some insects can cause you harm by biting. The first thing you will want to do is to get rid of the ants and on your own if at all possible. It's ideal to know of specific household items you can use that will assist you in getting rid of these unwanted pests quickly and inexpensively in the process.

Item #1: Duct tape

Did you know you can trap the ants with duct tape? You may have a hard time getting the ants lined up without a bit of effort. It's ideal to put the duct tape in front of a cookie jar with the sticky side up, and this can help you get rid of many ants quickly.

Item #2: Chalk

Taking the time to draw a line around your home with chalk may help prevent insects from entering your property. It doesn't really matter what color of chalk you use because all of these typically contain the ingredient calcium carbonate which helps to repel both ants and slugs.

Item #3: Flour

Did you know that ants despise flour? You can sprinkle a line of flour on your countertops of other places in your kitchen where you see these pests, and the chances are high that ants won't cross through your flour path.

Item #4: Lemons

Squirting lemon juice on windowsills and doors will help keep ants away from your home. You can also squeeze this juice in ant holes where these pests may reside. Lemons are an effective way to let the ants know your home is not a welcoming place.

Item #5: Pepper

Ants will usually enter your home looking for something to eat. Most ants love sugar and are actively on the lookout for remaining sweet treats in your kitchen. 

Rather than give the ants sugar, you should put out some pepper instead. This is sure to turn insects away, and you may just see them leaving your home sooner rather than later.

Dealing with ants on a regular basis inside of your property is less than ideal. It's important to find quick and efficient ways to reduce the number of these pests in your home. If you try the household items listed above, and you're still battling ants, be sure to give the local pest control company in your area (like IPM - Intelligent Pest Management or a similar location) a call for more help and information.