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Control Rodents On Your Property By Reducing Nesting Areas

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Rodents are present in the outdoors naturally whether you live in the woods or in the city. They usually don't pose a problem until they decide to invade your home in search of shelter or food. One method of rodent control is to remove areas they can use for shelter. If the rats or mice are exposed to the elements or if they can't hide from predators, they are more likely to move to another yard where living conditions are safer. Here are some areas that may entice rodents to move in.

Cars And Recreational Vehicles

If you have old junk cars parked on your property, these can be havens for rodents. The cars provide shelter from the rain and cold wind. The rodents can get inside the car from the bottom and nest in the upholstery, trunk, or engine. If you have abandoned cars on your property, consider having them hauled off or sell them for scrap so they don't attract rodents.

Unfortunately, vehicles don't have to be abandoned to attract rodents. Your expensive RV provides a very comfy shelter for them when it sits idle for long periods, too. You may find it infested with mice or rats when you open it in the spring to get ready for your camping trip. Rodents can infest boats, campers, cars, and trucks. Keep them out by sealing areas where they can squeeze inside. Make sure the vehicles are clean, too. Fast food wrappers on the floor of a car are sure to attract mice if they're nearby.

Weeds And Brush Piles

There are many reasons to keep your yard neatly groomed, and preventing a rodent infestation is a good one. Rodents seek cover in tall weeds so they can move from their nesting site toward your house. A brush pile makes a good nesting place outdoors, so keeping your yard free from nature's clutter not only makes your yard more attractive but also reduces the number of hiding places for rodents.

Barns And Sheds

Barns and sheds are perfect places for rodents to live. They're quiet for long periods and easy to break into. While sealing up entry points around your home is fairly easy, it might be impossible to seal a barn. If you have a rodent problem in your barn or other outbuilding, you may want to call an exterminator for help getting the rodents under control before they multiply and move toward your house.

By making your property less comfortable for living, you can make rodents pass through and move on rather than stay around and make nests in your home or yard. Once they settle in and begin to multiply, a rodent infestation can grow and become serious. Even a few rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you can't get rid of them quickly with traps, then call a professional for help so you can keep the pests out of your home.