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Five Simple Things You Can Do Around Your House's Exterior This Spring To Keep Pests Out

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Springtime is finally here. Soon, you'll probably be getting started on preparing your landscaping for the summer.

If you're concerned about controlling pests around your home, there are a few things you can do around your home's exterior to minimize the chances that you'll have to deal with a pest infestation this summer.

The following are five things you can do outside your home to keep pests out:

Put screens over your roof's vents

Proper venting is important to your home's indoor air quality and HVAC system. However, vents can also create a weak spot in your home's defenses against pests. 

Vents should be located around your home's roofline and at your chimney if you have one. Have these vents inspected and have screens fitted over them if necessary so that you keep unwanted intruders out and only let fresh air in.

Don't allow vegetation to grow too close to your home's exterior walls

One factor of your home's landscaping that can significantly increase your chances of pest infestation is how close plants are growing to your home's exterior.

Pests like rodents and insects will inevitably be living in your yard's vegetation. If plants are touching right up against your walls, these pests enjoy an inconspicuous pathway that may allow direct access to your home's interior.

Keep vegetation trimmed back to make it harder for pests to access your home. 

Avoid putting bird houses too close to your house

If you're a wildlife lover, you probably enjoy hanging bird houses up around your yard that attract beautiful avian visitors to your yard. Unfortunately, bird houses don't only attract birds. 

Birds living near your home attract insects, and bird houses very often end up housing pests like mice and squirrels rather than birds. If you want to hang bird houses, make sure you locate them fairly far back from your house's exterior walls to avoid creating the perfect home for unwanted pests. 

Dispose of excess brush and clippings quickly

If a lot of debris accumulates in your yard, you might find your home more susceptible to pest infestations. This is especially true if accumulated debris consists of a lot of dead and decaying vegetation.

If you've recently finished some landscaping work and you have cut brush or clippings, take them to the recycling center or another disposal center quickly. Leaving them lying around your yard can attract insects and other types of pests. 

Keep covers on your trash cans and recycling bins

Any kind of pest will be attracted by trash cans that have been left open. To insect and rodents alike, your trash can is full of all sorts of culinary delights.

Keeping a cover over your trash can will prevent odors from escaping that attract pests. Contact a pest control specialist to learn more.