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4 Ways To Squirrel Proof Your Home This Spring

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If the squirrels around your home have turned from cute woodland animals to pests that will not leave you alone, there are a few things you can do this spring to make your home a squirrel-free zone.

#1 Repair Any Holes In Your Foundation, Walls Or Roof

The squirrels running around your home may seem large, but they are actually able to squeeze through some pretty small holes. If you have any visible holes in your foundation, walls or roof, you need to seal them off. This will prevent squirrels from having easy access to your home. Squirrels like to make nests in places that are easy to access, warm and provide them with some measure of safety. That makes your attic and walls a perfect place for their nests. 

Walk around your home and take note of any holes that you notice. If you find holes or cracks in your cement foundation, you may need to purchase some fast drying cement to spread over these holes and cracks. If your siding is loose, you will need to purchase nails to secure it to your home. If any of your siding is broken, you will need to purchase new sheets to replace it with. If you have any cracks or holes in your roof, you will need to purchase the appropriate roofing material to address the issue.

You can always hire a general contractor or pest control specialist like B & W Pest Control to fill in these holes for you as well.

#2 Move Your Firewood Away From Your Home

If you have all of your firewood stacked up against your home, you may want to build or find a different location for it. When your firewood is stacked against your home, it can create the perfect environment for squirrels to build a nest. By moving your firewood away, to a cement slab away from your home, for example, you remove the temptation for the squirrels to make their home so close to your own.

#3 Cover Up Your Gutters

Your gutters can collect a lot of debris. This debris can be a great food source for the scavenging squirrels in your yard. Clean your gutters on a seasonal basis to reduce this food source. You can also install gutter guards over your gutters to prevent the squirrels from digging around there for food.

#4 Trim Tree Branches Close To Your Home

Squirrels love to play in trees. If you have trees that are close to your home, trim the tree branches so that they do not overlap your roof. You may even want to trim the tree branches back far enough so that a squirrel cannot easily jump from your trees to your roof. Squirrels can jump pretty far, so you may have to do some extensive trimming. 

By taking the steps above this spring, you should be able to turn your house into a less appealing place for the squirrels in your neighborhood to hang out. If you still experience problems, call up a local pest professional for additional assistance.