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Don't Let Termites Ruin The Fun: 5 Ways To Keep Termites Away From The Playhouse

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Termites love wood. If left alone, termites will destroy your entire home. Unfortunately, those same termites will also destroy a playhouse. If you've built a playhouse for your children, you need to take every precaution possible to keep termites away. Once termites start eating, they'll continue to eat until they've destroyed the structural integrity of the playhouse. If that happens, the playhouse will become unsafe for your children to play in, especially if the wood begins to decay. Here are four steps you can take to keep termites away from your child's playhouse.

Avoid Planting Shrubbery Around the Playhouse

When planning your playhouse, it's important that you plan for potential termite infestations. This is particularly true if the entire structure will be comprised of wood. If you're going to landscape the area around the playhouse, be sure you avoid planting shrubbery near the exterior walls. Shrubbery provides moisture that the termites need to survive and access into the structure.

Aim Sprinklers Away from the Playhouse

Speaking of moisture, your backyard sprinkler system can also invite termites, especially if the sprinkler heads are pointed at the playhouse. To prevent excess moisture from soaking into the wood, be sure the sprinkler heads are facing away from the playhouse.

Use Artificial Mulch

You want a soft play surface outside the playhouse. Natural bark, while soft enough to play on, will invite termites right to the door of your playhouse. Instead of using natural bark, choose an artificial ground covering instead. Artificial mulch will provide a soft surface for your children to play on while reducing the chances of inviting termites.

Store Firewood Away from the Structure

If you have firewood in your yard, be sure it is stored a safe distance away from the playhouse and your home. Bare wood attracts termites and can quickly create the perfect nesting place for an infestation of termites.

Inspect Often

Once you have the playhouse built, you should inspect it at least once a month for signs of termite infestation. Pay close attention to the areas around windows and doorframes. Some of the signs you'll be looking for will include:

  • Wings that have dropped off termite swarmer's
  • Wood-colored droppings
  • Small mud tunnels near the base of the playhouse

If you've built a wood playhouse for your child, you want it to last for many years. Termites can infest the wood and destroy the playhouse. Use the suggestions provided above to keep termites away. If you see signs of termite activity, be sure to speak to a pest control agent about natural ways to stop the infestation in its tracks. To find out more, speak with a business like Select Pest Control.