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Natural Methods To Keep Your Shed Free Of Mice

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If you had just purchased a home that has an old shed on your property, and you have seen signs of mice inside, you will want to take the necessary steps in removing them. An old structure is a haven for all types of creatures looking for a spot to get out of inclement weather. If you wish to revitalize your shed for use in the future, the removal of these pests becomes an important task. Here are some steps you can take in getting mice out of your shed so you can use it for storage without sharing the space with intruders .

Evaluate The Exterior Of The Structure And Seal Any Openings

The first step in getting rid of a mouse problem is sealing all entryways to the structure. Take a look at the exterior walls for any spots mice may be using for a way inside. These spots can be fixed with the application of caulk inside smaller crevices and by placing pieces of flashing over larger holes. If there are parts of the exterior showing substantial damage, entire portions may need to be replaced so mice stop using these areas as passageways to the inside. Make sure the shed door is secure and add a door sweep to the bottom of it to keep mice from sliding underneath.

Remove Any Substances That Seem Attractive In The Area

Take a look at the contents of the shed to make sure there are no edible products left behind from previous owners. If there are bags of pet food, birdseed, or a similar product, these will attract mice to come inside for a bite. If there is a source of water near your shed, the structure will remain attractive as a place to for mice to hang out. Cover any small swimming pools, bird baths, fountains, and ponds at night so mice do not have an accessible water source to drink from. If you have a wood pile in your yard, place it further away from your shed and home so any rodents living in between logs do not come close to your structures to find a warmer area to live.

Add Some Deterrents Near The Structure To Eliminate Visitors

Mice will shy away from areas where they feel they are at risk. Consider placing some large bird decoys in trees or on the ground in the vicinity of the shed. These can be found in a hunting supply store or in the sporting goods section in a home goods store. Pretend rubber snakes will have the same effect. Think about getting a cat to patrol the land around your home. They will naturally take care of any mice you may have in the area, allowing you the peace of mind the shed and home will not have any rodents trying to get inside.

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